Dating yamaha guitars, where to find the serial number

How to Describe the Age of Yamaha Guitars by Serial Number

Thank you very much for your time on this! So I started searching and asking for serial numbers and date codes and putting them in a spread sheet. This date code will be very close to when the guitar was built. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

The final two numbers are the unit number. The final letter is an unknown internal code. Do you know what Gibson they are fashioned after?

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Believe it or not, this list does not cover all possible serial numbers. The last three numbers are the unit number. My friend has an old Martin, and he said that my yamaha sounds better and plays better, and I agreed. See chart at the top of the page. Serial numbers on Yamaha guitars repeat every ten years due to the way they are formed.

Check in the sound hole at end of neck where trust rod adjustment is. Can you help me find out what the worth of this one is. Any idea of its age, dating carlton cycles please?

Dating a Yamaha Guitar

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You can see how their serial number system is very confusing and how its hard to tell from a lot of the systems they used and a lot of duplicates. Any info you may have would be appreciated. The fourth and fifth numbers represent the day of the month.

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Your best bet is to contact Yamaha and see if they can identify it. No year of manufacture can be determined. Can anyone tell me anything about it? The second letter is the month and also follows the same system as the main system above.

Yamaha Guitar Serial Numbers What Can They Tell You

There is a different system for electric guitars and bases. Previously, all guitars had been made by other companies. Some guitars did not get a serial number or it has faded over the years, so the only way to know about when the guitar was made is by this date code. Hope this answers your question. So you do get the decade here.

Hopefully, this will help many of you! The labels are shorter and wider than the Tan labels. This article will be updated as I find further information. The first number is the year. The Second two numbers represent the month.

Most Common Yamaha Serial Number System

The last number is an internal code could be D, R, U, or Y. The last letter is an internal code. By the way, if it doesn't work out for your son and you would like to rid yourself of the guitar, big fish dating service email me and I'll take it off your hands for the right price. The final three numbers are the unit number.

Hello, I have looked all over with different sites and am hoping maybe you can help. After recording serial numbers for a couple of weeks, I realized I could probably figure out when the various labels changed, based on the pictures on the pages I saved the links for. The first number represents the year. The Final three numbers represent the unit number.

Where to Find the Serial Number

The Guitar Dater Project - Yamaha Serial Number Decoder

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If anyone knows more, feel free to chime in. The labels where changed to black. What code is in the image? This site is published by Hitsquad Pty Ltd. The final letter is an internal code.

  • The letter at the beginning represents the month, so J would be March see chart above.
  • Your listing is good but mine is also different.
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Everyone has been guessing for years. But the date codes are needed as reference points. This is a relly good guitar please email me back!

Takamine Guitars Dating Your Takamine

Just five digit numbers in sequence. Do not include any spaces in your answer. Otherwise, your best bet is to contact Yamaha and ask them. The first number is an internal code. This guitar will live on in my family for many generations I hope.

Dating SG s by serial number

The first letter is an internal code. He also said my guitar made an F sound when you thumped the body. Apparently, some could even fall outside of this range.

Dating Your Takamine
  1. The second letter indicates the month.
  2. The last three numbers indicate unit number.
  3. The third letter is the month.
Dating a Yamaha Guitar

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The second and third numbers represent the month. Any help would be appreciated. That is the model number not the serial number. There is no indication of year of production in this system.

Can anyone tell me the year of production and if its a solid top? Alternate serial number configurations for Yamaha Classical and Acoustic Guitars. The last three numbers represent order of production on the day the guitar was made. What is it worth not a scratch with a shoulder strap. So my take is if my instructor wants it really bad, it must be good.

Hello, I just got my fge and i am confused about the dating, since you showed so much knowledge about it i would appreciate your help if you could maybe give me some more details about its age. See previous entry for Yamaha Music Craft for more on the numbering. As usual, with Yamaha, it seems rules are meant to be broken. My Yamaha serial number looks nothing like this!

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