Dating brigham pipes, presented by country and maker

The pipe was a two dot Brigham. Once again, I did it without the benefit of power. The characteristic blue flame that burns the alcohol out of the stain setting it deep in the grain is a beautiful site to my eyes.

There was a number on the heel of the bowl in the cone bottom that was either or depending on the how the pipe was held. The next pipe on the work table is a relatively new acquisition from a collection Jeff and I purchased from Michigan. The overall condition of the bowl was good under the grime.

Cleaning up this lot of pipes did not take a lot of work, but there were a few surprises along the way. Bamboo being much more difficult to obtain, they settled on rock maple, and in invented what they called the Distillator and applied for the Canadian patent, granted the following year. That's part of the presidential series Freehands, dating site profile right Jeremy?

Brigham Pipes A Closer Look at Dots Dates and Markings - Pipedia

Unfortunately, there are very few pipe producers that created and maintained a foolproof method of dating their wares. The cased pair of New Era pipes is in beautiful condition, dating to sometime in the s. To overcome this barrier, the Brigham System pipe was introduced. How does one date a Brigham?

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  1. The stem now fit snug in the shank.
  2. This is one of the reasons we don't hide the fact that our pipes, although made under strick supervision, are no longer made in our Toronto factory.
  3. The pipe came to me in a box of pipes that I inherited from a friend in Ontario.
Reclaiming old and worn estate pipes

It speaks volumes about his committment to his product! There was morning and there was evening and it was good! There were some small tooth dents in the stem but the stem looked good. You can see the condition of the rim top and bowl in the first photo. Honestly, I haven't looked that hard but I don't think I've ever seen a Brigham south of the border at a flea market.

Vintage pipe catalogs and other company literature can be of great value in establishing a production timeline for a particular pipe, though this is not always foolproof. It has one smooth patch on the underside of the shank that is stamped Brigham in script over Canada. All was going well until I tried to slide a pipe cleaner into the airway. Jeff showed me photos of the pipe on Messenger and I was intrigued. Being fairly new to pipe smoking, I am trying to soak up as much knowledge as I can.

We wheeled, we dealed, online dating in we made trades. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! It is on the lower left side of the photo.

The three vertical dots on the left side of the stem made me wonder if it was a Brigham. The Valhalla series of smooth or partially rusticated pipes were available in three grades, A, B and C, with C being the highest grade. Dunhill is the obvious exception here, and their use of a date stamp on every pipe produced accounts at least in part for the collectible nature of vintage Dunhill pipes today.

We had never been able to offer a sandblasted pipe and the access to accessories like rings and different colours, I think, allowed us to make the line more interesting. In talking with the owner he was not interested in preserving the Brigham system. Thank You, for taking your time to be a part of this discussion.

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It is stamped on the left side of the shank with the Brigham name over Voyageur which is the model. The shank itself had more a striped carving almost bark like that ran the length of the shank to the stem. The finished pipe has a rich look that is quite catching. The company sought to achieve the lightness of a sandblast, east brunswick dating while allowing the grain to show as well.

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Brigham Tobacco Pipes

When he told me about the collection I asked him to photograph them for me so that I could post them on the blog. The next pics show how filthy an old, oxidized stem can be, and the aftermath of soaking in OxiClean. The second photo shows the cotton after it had been sitting for four hours.

Presented by Country and Maker

  • Brigham has a remarkable array of pipes varying from traditional shapes to freehands to some that are just plain unique.
  • Therefore, a precise dating of the poker is impossible, although it looks to be made in the s.
  • We do see a bit of it on this forum though.

These are some of my faves. You can rinse them under hot water immediately after smoking and they will last for many smokes. The product lineup was, not surprisingly, heavily impacted, with the most obvious change a sharp decrease in the number of pipe shapes available. This pipe was so unique that is I just had to tackle it next.

It is a beautiful pipe and even better in person. Use of images or text without express permission is prohibited. It was an older one made before the manufacture of the pipes was moved to Italy.

Brigham was once the most commonly found pipe maker in Canadian stores. He sent me the following three photos to show the position of the crack in the shank. There was a lot of oxidation on the surface and some calcification.

At the top is an uncommon brown Prehistoric, with an exceptional blast. Looking for an estate Brigham is the way to go in terms of looking for a Canadian. Retorting the pipe was fast and easy since it was well prepped.

Brigham Pipe Stamps Dates & Other Goodies

The reworked rim top looks really good and matches the colour of the rest of the pipe. The cake was so sticky and crumbling that I wanted a hard, clean surface so that the owner could build a new cake to protect the bowl. Can I just go ahead and say if the one I have is any indication of their pipes as a whole, that Brigham Pipes are vastly underrated and one of the best smokes for the buck? Now true i only use the filters until they are broken in but the first dozen or so smokes are nice and dry.

Brigham Pipes - Pipedia

The cutty may look familiar to those who enjoy my Classic Collection blends. After the last grit pad I gave it a final coat of oil and let it dry. The spiral rustication and the smooth edges and rim top began to almost take on life with the buffing.

Brigham Pipes

Some of you might have notice the Brigham Hard Maple Filter in the long aluminum tenon in all of the above photos and the ones that follow. The stem was in rough shape. It lifted a lot of the oxidation and what was left behind was minor. The vulcanite stem had tooth chatter and some tooth marks on the top and underside of the stem near and on the button surface.

Dating dunhill pipes

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