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Best Full range 15 driver - Beyma 15WR400 2x15Speakers/Drivers Beyma products

And you know this purely because it is Beyma? He is probably using those crossovers in the Beyma loaded cabs.

Furthermore, the use of a dual spider assembly assures that this loudspeaker can handle a real high power with an extremely controlled voice coil displacement. Agian you have to take the moving mass into account, but for the most part it should be a good indicator. So, the goal hear is to split the difference. This model covers the low frequency range with smooth response, low harmonic distortion and high efficiency.

This cab may never get gigged, so sensitivity and light weight is really of no concern. Ceramic or Neo, doesn't matter as long as the tone and the kick are there. The tradeoff is the power required to make noise with them.

Schroeder certainly benefited from the mystery mojo around his cabs and I think his was largely an empirical process. We are musicians ourselves and share your passion for making music.

Beyma 18LEXNd - 18 Subwoofer

Talking about speaker brands is like talking about pickup brands. Shop Business Hours Directions. Big boxes and low output is a useless combination. Do you believe this rating to be inaccurate or unacceptable for some reason? Available to order days Request Stock Info.

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Available immediately This item is in stock and can be dispatched immediately. Would I be better off tuning just below the fundamental to get a tighter sealed cab vibe? Search Forums Recent Posts. Its free and gets updated. Port tuning will be interesting, as I haven't fully wrapped my head around that.

Or are they an excuse to charge a lot for a speaker? Bass cabs is that they do look like they're sticking speakers in a box somewhat at random based on keeping the box size small. Do you already have an account? Nice seems like fun driver.

Do they really put out what they claim? It's my understanding that Marc tunes the boxes. Recycling your old electricals is easy! Thomann uses cookies to give you the best shopping experience.

Beyma - 6MI80 - 6 Pro Driver - 8 ohm

Beyma Introduces Two New 18-inch Cone Drivers At Prolight Sound

Beyma Introduces Two New 18-inch Cone Drivers At Prolight Sound

It is mostly recommended for high demanding subwoofer and woofer applications.

Here are a few numbers for comparison. Original review Show translation.

Beyma - 18PW1400FE-4 - 18 Pro Driver - 4 ohm

As you can see, the beyma has a more powerful motor structure yet. Certainly swapping drivers will change something and you may even like it, and describe it with lyrical prose, driver 3 gba ign - it would be better to know what is happening.

Beyma 18 drivers

To get every thing out of the Beyma loaded cab you would need to upgrade to a Beyma mid in a sealed compartment in the box. And any Beyma mid range is not going to be mid peaky?

The higher the number the stronger the motor. It means nothing unless you are referring to a specific product that may wear a badge. Then again, the one thing that weirds me out about Dr. Another point of interest is its massive vented magnetic structure, which combined with an optimum cooling system allows a fast heat exchange, thus reducing the thermal power compression. Automatically translated Show original.

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The outside dimensions are the same, but the tuning differs per driver. Haven't had an opportunity to gig or even rehearse with it yet, but it sounds great in the living room.