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But I'm afraid that my widgets are still not updating. So probably that widget uses a different updating mechanism or something. Maybe something with battery optimizations or something?

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So far I have gone the whole day without the problem happening again usually it would happen within hours and would need a reboot. The widget won't appear if it's on the card. If you hibernate those apps then they won't be able to update because they are not running in the background. Quite often widgets are actual apps, but the widget is a simple user interface of it. Clear the cache and the data for the widget apps in the settings and also for the launcher you're using.

It works a lot like Feedly. It's also prime territory for click baiting and rage baiting. It's not as in-depth as something like Feedly.

Tried the language idea, didn't work. Go to widget, click on the weather to refresh and viola. You can also click here to check out our most recent app and game lists!

Samsung Galaxy S4 widgets not updating

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  • It's good for some stuff, bad for others.
  • Your source for all things Android!
  • It works like a lot of its competitors like News Republic, News, and other news readers.

What Launcher are you using, Google's or a custom one? Most people focus on the worldwide news. Your feed will then show their latest posts. Make sure you're not using Greenify or some other app to hibernate your apps. That's at least mostly true.

So I tried the factory reset solution. You can stuff that into Pocket and then come back to read it later. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Get the Android Authority app on Google Play.

The app features offline support, a decent selection of topics, and it'll track what you read. However, it's a good alternative for those who don't want to do as much work setting their feed up. For example, Audio Manager Pro has a setting for how often it updates itself - it was set to never. Afterwards no more updates. They just show the news and sometimes even the weather.

  1. While adding, I also checked the settings.
  2. Feedly is one of the most popular news apps out there.
  3. Communities Contact Support.

Android news and weather widget not updating

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You have to open the calendar every time. It's one of only a few platforms that still show posts in chronological order. The widget doesn't update automatically.

However, each one leans certain ways politically and are therefore less trustworthy than we would like. Generally, these apps are simple. It's also completely free if that helps. But in the end, mobile this didn't work for me. We do have an official app.

How come, same phone same version of android. It's a good place to check out the latest tech news around the world of Android. But I'm guessing the Android N beta has nothing to do with my problem? Thus, you should get a fairly consistent feed of news about stuff that you have shown interest in before.

10 best news apps for Android (Updated 2019)

However, they are switching stuff up quite a bit currently so expect some bigger changes over the next year or so. Inoreader is one of the up and coming news apps. Was happening on weather, not sure on the others.

Google Feed formerly Google Now is a semi-decent way to get the news. Reddit bills itself as the front page of the Internet. Here are all of the Facebook apps and what they do! For instance, the Columbus Dispatch has its own app. Including the July security patch from a couple of days ago.

Especially the people looking for answers. Thus, most of these news apps allow you to source multiple places at once so you can form your own opinions! Here are some more excellent news apps! The good part is that you get the news that everyone is talking about.

Android Widget Not Updating - Stack Overflow

No, create an account now. It has offline support, a decent reading experience, and some discovery features as well. Your solution worked for me.

If not any other thoughts? It also has additional features for things like discovery. The official app is good enough at its job.

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Just delete the flipboard widget if you have one than restart your phone. That makes it a decent option, even if it's not a full news reader. Set them up again and they will work just fine. The bad news is that it isn't as configurable as we would like.

Widgets not refreshing (solved ) News wid - Apple Community
News and weather widget not updating
Widgets not updating

This doesn't solve the issue. Or in my case, why they didn't tick. They all do a relatively decent job reporting on most news. So I got into the Android widget documentation to find out what made the widgets tick. Have you tried changing your launcher?

Widgets not updating - Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Twitter is arguably the best social media platform for news. It basically looks at a ton of news sources and recommends top trending topics. Turns out to be the myreminders widget that caused all the other widgets to stop updating. That change of language could've been replaced by simply opening of the calendar app, then the widget gets updated. News widget was showing news stories from last night that were definitely not still current articles, headlines, etc.

Are there some things I can try? Takes a moment to implement the change but as soon as I could get out of settings, the widgets had all updated. You'll no doubt find something on Twitter or Facebook or in a chat that you can't read right now.

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