Am loop antenna hook up, how to i make an am antenna

C Crane Twin Coil AM Antenna

It is possible that the upper tuning limit of the loop is higher than your receiver covers, in which case you need to follow the procedure below. These highly inefficient antennas, barely pick-up local stations and the reception is not. You mention building a loop on a card board box or frame.

  1. Finally, many new users first try the antenna at night and report that it does nothing.
  2. Experimentation is the key here.
  3. The ground stake can be driven into a convenient and safe place nearby.

Thus the Hula Loop was born. Now as far as mounting the variable cap, you want it as close to the loop as posible, and you want that loop as close to what you as coupling it to. You do this by creating a smaller loop that has a feed line to your radio. Crane Twin Coil Ferrite antenna is exceptionally flexible in terms of placement and method of connection.

There are three parts to this antenna system, and if you are an adept scrounger, it won't cost you anything. Finally you may try experimenting with the number of main loop turns while adjusting the coupled loop turns between say turns. Audio response is amazing and excellent bass response.

Its ability to null out noise sources is sometimes phenomenal. These hoops come with an in line joiner, so no glue is needed, which makes things even easier! Things like number of turns, surface area of the frame, wire gauge, type, dating what does nsa spacing between turns and the value and type of tuning capacitor s all play a part. Do you think that making a variable cap out of aluminum foil and using alligator clips to make the electrical contacts will work as a long term solution?

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How to Hook Up an FM Stereo Antenna
Connecting an FM/AM antenna
Instructions for an AM Loop Antenna

Hula Hoop Loop -- antenna special on

If so, should it be plastic or metal, or even wood? The tuning capacitor network. Any soil, even if dry is better than nothing.

How to I make an AM Antenna

  • Inside that loop is a single loop of wire that couples the antenna to the receiver inductively.
  • The hard way is to buy bare antenna wire with a couple of insulators for either end and mount that.
  • Sometimes the inductance is even marked on the loop.
  • This is an old post but since I did not see a correct answer to the question I figured I would answer it.

The extra capacitors are added in parallel, which increases capacitance, thereby lowering the resonant frequency of the loop. It was situated in a steel building and radio reception inside was non-existent. The easy way is to buy or otherwise locate a length of insulated wire. What a difference, now it gets dozens.

That's why if you ever break the antenna off, a coathanger ridgidly attached to the broken stub will often provide resonable reception until the connection point rusts. Crane Twin Coil Ferrite antenna. The windings were made from multi strand hook up wire single strand could be used. The first thing you do is to connect one end of the wire strip the insulation off to some type of ground.

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Also, try and ground your radio properly to a good earth ground. All stations to the side of the antenna are heavily attenuated or suppressed. However, the antenna inside of a portable radio however is the device which is responsible for picking up the radio station. So Morris, what you built that worked was an impedance transforming network.

Just twist some tin foil into a rod and put in there. Loop antennas can work on other frequencies also but need some modification because of the frequency property differences. Can I connect wire to lighting rod ground wire? Tuning now extends to kHz.

Will not wrap up or crimp. One day I stumbled upon a great video for this. It can certainly be done and many owners are happily using their Twin Coil antennas with rotors to great advantage. There is so much cheap junk out there anymore, I hone in when I find a good vendor. Using a coupling loop does have other advantages, i.

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Notify me of new posts via email. Switched on, dating and I had to turn the volume down. Making The Loop Rotatable.

How do i set up a inside loop antenna Reply. And if you are really motivated, clean up your algebra book, and calculate the resulting C that you get! Why the other two that you have did not work at all seems to be a mystery. There are few truly magical things in this world that are practically free. If not, five bucks ought to do it.

Increase Reception - AM Radio Antenna

Most of the time, admittedly, the internal antenna worked well enough anyway. Copper is the best conductor. We are happy to assist further. For the bottom, is it time I did the same except that the bolt passed through the plastic frame. Start typing and press Enter to search.

These are fixed to the control box with thin bolts and nuts. First, as in the old days, you need a long wire antenna. The difference is astounding and I can actually listen to stations that were completely unlistenable before. If you are talking about static electricity that is another form also.


If so, how much affect can it have? It is possible to use almost any type of variable capacitor, but my preference is for the old style air spaced variables that were found in older radios. On most home stereo receivers, there is usually a small loop, or similar type open air coil antenna.

If it should tune too high, add complete turns until the desired frequency is reached. This is an example of what I am talking about. An external ground connector is available for outdoor installations. Run the wire to where you want your radio to be situated and make a coil of six turns, about the diameter of a saucer.

Attaching The Tuning Capacitor Network. With the advent of the transistor radio, best dating there soon ceased to be any way for you to connect your radio to an antenna. The down lead is connected to the other wire of the lamp cord.

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